Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend in Austin: R&R (running and relaxation)

Saturday afternoon I spent some time with a longtime friend. She invited me to meet her and her boyfriend and some of her boyfriend's friends at the Austin Greenbelt. I wasn't exactly thrilled to get into a bikini, but I didn't want to let a few extra pounds keep me from spending time with a dear friend. I worked out beforehand, trying to tighten and tone as much as possible before squeezing into my bathing suit.

You have to follow a semi-confusing trail to get down to the greenbelt. The hike down to the swimming hole was through the woods and took a little longer than I expected, plus I had no clue where I was going! I just followed the other people in front of me, hoping they were going to the same place my friends were at!

But once I arrived...it was heaven!

Austin Greenbelt

There is a natural stream than runs through the rocks. The place is filled with every kind of personality imaginable...tattooed women, dreadlocked men, spikey-haired teens, college co-eds, old men, kids, and everything in between, including dogs! It was so relaxing and gave me a wonderful chance to catch up with an old friend. I also got a little R&R before "the big day".

And "the big day" began with a 6:45am wakeup call on Sunday and ended with achey muscles and a great sense of accomplishment. The big day, of course, was all about running the Capitol 10,000!

It was me, my sister Jessica, her boyfriend, and our dad who participated in the race. We all ran at our own pace and finished at different times, but it was a great bonding experience. Nothing says "I love you" like running 6.2 miles in dreary weather! Yes, the distance was 6.2 miles, and I ran the full distance without taking a walk break. I was VERY proud of myself. My pace was very slow at 16 min per mile, but I really wanted to run the distance without stopping...and I did! My dad finished first, then my sis, then my sis's boyfriend.....and then me -and I am the runner in the family! Here are some pics from the race:

The race begins running toward the State Capitol Building.Capitol 10K-first mile

I liked topping the hills and looking down
at the thousands of runners ahead.

Capitol 10K-first hill

Running through the heart of Downtown Austin was awesome!
Capitol 10K-Austin Skyline

Town Lake brings back many fun summer memories.
Capitol 10K-Town Lake

I was very happy to see the finish line!
Capitol 10K-finish line!
The date of next year's Capitol 10,000 has already been set, and I am looking forward to finishing FIRST, at least among my family members!

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