Friday, April 2, 2010

Keeping my Commitments

I went to a Mary Kay party that my dear friend from work was hosting. The story behind the party is the invites were sent out to just a few of her friends on Monday or Tuesday, and the party was held on Thursday (yesterday). I guess it could be considered "late notice" to some, but when you're single like me with a small network of friends, I don't really need to plan things that far in advance. Well, the invite said there would be food, door prizes, wine, and lots of make I'm thinking this is a can't miss, special event involving gorging and glamour.

As Thursday's work day progresses, I'm hearing Ashley (my friend from work) talk about the evening's Mary Kay party. Some of the details of the event were falling through...she was so busy at work she hadn't had a chance to go pick up any drinks or food. And the Mary Kay consultant told Ashley that we would be focusing on skin care and not makeup. So I'm catching wind of all this at work, and I started feeling like maybe this was an event that I really didn't want to go to and that it wouldn't be that big of a deal not to go.

Then the new Kristin started to shine. I thought to myself how great of a friend Ashley is to me. She invited me and I told her I would go - I made a commitment to a friend. When a friend invites me to something, especially a friend who has made such an impact in my life, I need to go. It moves from being about me going to eat lots of food and drink wine to being about my friend and supporting her and seeing her smile when I walk in the door.

Well, I did go...and all of the plans of the event that seemingly fell through were actually all perfect. First, focusing on skin care was an awesome idea! We sampled different cleansers and creams and exfoliants and learned about the importance of taking good care of our skin. The five of us were bare-faced, without a hint of makeup, and we were all admiring how good each of us looked after applying the products. I was introduced to a microderm abrasion cream that does wonders for your skin, as well as some mineral powder that made my skin glow and allows me to not even have to wear foundation! I saw myself in a different light, without all the makeup I usually put on. I felt more beautiful after one evening of taking care of my skin than I had from years of caking on makeup. And had I not gone, had I been closed-minded and let a few insignificant details keep me from going, I would have missed out on this experience.

And there was some wine and some last-minute easy bake cookies - both of which were delicious, but the conversation and laughter with a small group of wonderful women was all I really needed.

Thank you, Ashley, for a memorable evening.

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