Friday, April 23, 2010

In Sync

successWow! This has been one of the first weeks in my life where I exercised discipline and consistency in every area of my life.

My prayer life involved daily readings in my Purpose-Driven Life and Inner Voice of Love books, as well as listening to Joyce Meyer podcasts (read one of my joyous reflections written post-podcast here).

My home life included spending quality time with my dog and keeping my apartment tidy and organized. Each evening, I lit candles or incense, put on some easy listening music, and curled up on my couch with my furry best friend for a night of reading, reflection, and relaxation...and a bit of writing.

My work life included me looking my absolute best, waking up early and taking extra care of my appearance - this certainly impacted my attitude while at work, which remained positive, upbeat, and helpful.

My fitness life included resistance training and running, as well as cutting calories drastically, and I have already slimmed down a couple pounds.

The thing is, even though these are each separate areas of my life, they all combine into one thing --me, into who I am, and tell a story of my purpose, my values, and who and what I am living for. Everything is just really making sense these days. The things I am praying about, the books I am reading, God's revelations to me through my writing and reflection....they are all in sync. Everything is relating to one another, with each area of my life lending more understanding and strength to the others.

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