Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Funk has been Lifted!

I am proud to exclaim, "The funk has been lifted!"


I had a few days of feeling a little bit down, for no reason in particular. Well, I spent those days reading, praying, and cuddling with my best friend. This morning, I woke up early, and me and my lil' boy went for a nice 15 minute walk (.59 miles to be exact). I sipped coffee, he peed on every tree we passed, and we both enjoyed listening to the birds chirping and the town waking up.

I am not sure what was up with those few days. Was God testing me? Because if He was, I passed with flying colors! I continued to remain strong and hopeful, I continued with my responsibilities, and I continued reading and praying. I didn't continue keeping my apartment clean and I didn't continue running - two things that take the most energy.

New Kristin is shining through, and I see her through all of the things I am doing and the things I am not doing. Old Kristin would have let those few days of feeling blue stretch out for a week or more. Old Kristin would not have done anything - she would have let her boss and coworkers down, and dwell on all of the things she didn't do.

But....New Kristin says, "Here I am! Look at me!" I did what I needed to do, I remained faithful and hopeful, and I am not dwelling on a messy apartment or a few days sans running. I am feeling proud for the things I did do during my few sad days. I have weathered through the storm and I am back feeling energetic and positive.

I love you, Lord! Thank you for my blessed life!

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