Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feelin' the Blues

The last couple of days I have felt a little "blah". I am not getting restful sleep, and I have also not been running since this past Friday.

feelin blue

I did take my little best friend for a 20 minute walk on Monday morning. We enjoyed the freshness and simplicity of the morning, and as much as I enjoyed our walk, it still didn't come close to helping me the way running does.

That's just the thing though. When I am feeling a little down, the things that will make me feel better are the things that take the most amount of energy, energy that I do not have. Nothing in particular has happened to get me feeling blue. I am still spending my days at the office - but I am noticeably not as "peppy" as I have been. When I get home in the evenings, I am making myself a sandwich and curling up with my best friend for a little relaxation and reading. All in all, everything is normal and I am continuing with my routine, but without a certain "umph" that I had been enjoying.

The only thing I can point my blues to is my hormones. Yes, dreaded hormones. It's about that time of the month, and I am in the waiting period, dreading for "it" to arrive. You would think by now, after fourteen years, I would be accostumed to these monthly visits. And I am to a point, but it still sucks, and it still makes for an emotionally-charged week or so.

Here's to the circle of life and better days to come...

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