Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple Joy: Running!

I never thought of running as "simple" but it really is. All I have to do is just show up to the group training runs, which is sometimes difficult for me (that whole discipline thing), but once I'm there the rest is simple. Well, the 3-4 miles we run is a little un-simple...but it comes natural to me and I enjoy it. It's one of God's gifts he gave me - to run, to write...and I'm using his gifts regularly!

Running with the group is everything I need - it's free, I get to socialize with others, and I burn calories - I love it!

Today's run was sentimental. It was the same route along the river and up the hills that I ran on my last long training run Thanksgiving 2008. Today's run was 4.2 miles, just shy of the 18 miles I ran over a year ago...but it brought back memories. And while I was a little disappointed as I huffed and puffed my way through a quarter of the mileage I used to be able to run, I felt good being back with the group and building up my mileage.

running trail

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  1. Hiya, Paul here via Real Bloggers United - just enjoying a first look through your blog - I know exactly what you mean about running - especially outdoors - ever since my treadmill broke down I've been back out running around our village - it really does wonders for the soul and the sense of freedom can be intense - hope the races went ok for you!