Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An okay day?

Just last week, I forced myself to forego staying home in order to adventure out into the world to run some errands and run a couple miles. I was having a not-so-good day, and I just wanted to sleep away my worries. I knew that staying couped up inside wasn't the solution to any problem, and I took control and ended up having a successful day.

Well, today was another one of those days. It was my day off from working, I was feeling a bit down, and I just didn't have the energy to do much of anything. So, contrary to last week, I did stay home and didn't do much of anything. Now I'm struggling with, is that okay? Is it okay to stay home and take a break from the ups and downs of life?

There are some days I just really want to be alone, secluded and in silence. Rowdy respects this. He lays loyally by my side, eyes pearing to the sides of his head to check out what I'm doing. His little body gently rises and falls as he takes breath after breath. It's soothing laying here next to him. And a part deep inside me knows that he feels the same. So, is it okay--okay to stay inside, resting from the world? I had two appointments to do today, I attended both, and arrived early for both. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday, so today was my rest day from running. All in all, my day's agenda was pretty lax, but I still feel like I needed to be doing something productive. But, isn't reading and writing and enjoying the bond with my pet enough? Why do I feel like I need to be doing a million different things in order to have a productive, successful, non-wasteful day?

I was reading something recently that really struck to the core of what I am trying to accomplish in my life: simplicity. I thought simplicity meant purging your life of things unnecessary, like personal belongings. And while simplifying your life does include this aspect, the statement I read about simplicity gave me an entirely new perspective about what it means, truly, to live in simplicity.

A simple life is a life where you move past worldly things and go deeper into your true being, and you fill the desires of your spiritual self; you ignore the flesh and listen intently to the spirit quietly resting inside you.

When I think about simplicity in this way, I feel that my choice to stay inside, resting from the demands of the world and the emotional struggles I've been working through is okay. Simplicity: fill the desires of my spiritual self. Simplicity: ignore the flesh. Simplicity: listen to the spirit resting inside me.

Today I had a simple day. Reading my bible, journaling, reading my fiction book, relaxing with my dog who I absolutely love to pieces....simplicity. And, simplicity is okay.

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  1. I like this... simplicity is GOOD! And, although I missed seeing you yesterday, I am thankful you had a fulfilling day. Oh course, I'm glad that Rowdy did too! :)