Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Future Blog Transformation

Now that I have a blog, I read strangers' blogs all the time! It's weird how just by reading a few posts, you get a glimpse into someone else's life, someone you have never met, someone you will probably never meet - but you feel connected with them on a very real, human level.

I have found a few favorites, and find myself truly excited and happy about the events and stories these strangers are sharing through their blogs. Some of the blogs I keep up with are those of married couples, most with young kids. It's crazy to think that my blog will change one day, and instead of sharing my ups and downs of a single girl's life that lives with just her dog, I'll perhaps be sharing the moment I meet my future husband, my wedding planning, honeymoon photos, enjoying married life, and sharing the news of expecting our first child. So......weird!

But, that is what life is all about! Transforming, growing, and enjoying all of the changes God brings our way. It helps me to remain calm when I think that God has a plan for my life, and really, I'm just here to enjoy the ride, to enjoy the surprises and adventures He has in store for me. Once I let go, and let God in my life, things really have been so much better - not easier, not without struggles, but truly, wonderfully better.

Now it's time to make a bowl of soup for one, cuddle up with my dog Rowdy, and begin Chapter 6 of my Lisa Wingate novel. Life is good.

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