Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm back!

Yes, today I accomplished my long-awaited first step back into the crazy calorie-counting, cardio-till-it-hurts, can't run another step lifestyle that I love. My pants have definitely felt a little snug since the holidays, so I am ready to burn my way back into fitting into my jeans...and everything else... comfortably!

Today's feat: 60 minutes of elliptical, 30 minutes in the sauna, and a low-cal consumption day complete with a berry smoothie (homemade by me!), pretzels, and a couple of turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

Tomorrow's feat: 5am workout to get the day started right! My workout will consist of 60 minutes of walking the treadmill at a very steep incline. Then, 30 minutes of sauna to relax and detox some more. Breakfast will be another delicious berry smoothie made with fat-free yogurt and a splash of fat-free milk. I have plenty of pretzels, baby carrots, and apple slices to munch on between my meals of tuna and turkey.

If it sounds like I'm not eating's because I'm not!!! This girl has been slim and trim my whole life, and these extra pounds are weighing on me (no pun intended). Once I get my metabolism jumpstarted again, I'll increase my calorie count a little at a time.

Wish me luck, and tell me how your 2010 fitness plan is going. Love to hear about it!

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