Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Joy: Chocolate Lover + Cold Weather = Hot Cocoa in Bed

The most exciting event that has happened in over a week was my compulsive purchase of hot chocolate mix. I usually don't buy "treats" at the grocery store, and try not to stray from my list of necessary (boring) and healthy (tasteless) items.

But...something took hold of me at the grocery store the other day as I was browsing through the aisles. I suddenly started craving chocolate and all of the pleasure that would come from drinking chocolate. My eyes locked on a box of instant cocoa mix. I grabbed it and threw it in my cart, questioning the necessity of my $2 splurge. My inner voice said, "You're worth it."

After a semi-unproductive, yet stressful day, I laid down to try and get some sleep before an early wake-up call tomorrow. My inner voice reminded me of the sweet, deserving non-perishable good in my pantry, and told me a mug of warm chocolate delight would warm my spirits and my body.

My inner voice was so right.

Wow. Hot cocoa is absolutely delicious. I forgot how something so simple (and chocolate) can remind me of all my blessings and calm my mind. I will definitely be adding cocoa mix to next week's grocery list.

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