Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stormin' Thursday

A big storm is on its way! It started drizzling, now it's raining a bit heavier, and you can just feel that it's about to hit. The sky is so dark!

This week has been so busy at work. Tonight I will definitely enjoy lounging around listening to the storm and keeping dry! I had a very blessed week, with some stressful things in my life sorting themselves out and new opportunities arising. I feel like I can take a long-awaited, very much-needed, deep breath.

So much of the good things in my life come from work. I am so lucky to have a job that makes my life better and more enjoyable. The office environment is so positive and motivating, and all of my co-workers bring laughter and happiness into my life. I fully realize that this is a true blessing and I feel so thankful for this blessing every day.

Tonight I will smile and enjoy the thunderstorm!

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